CBAC activities are geared towards a holistic approach to health and wellness, engagement to break loneliness, social isolation, have fun and enrich.

Seniors do not live in a vacuum. Massively popular and celebrated social events like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas can negatively impact the mental health of seniors—magnify feelings of loneliness and being isolated. Birthdays can also be added to the mix.

Activities that involve learning, moving, and socializing perk up the aging brain. As with all Council activities, there is always a mental, stimulating, educative or interactive component.

Established Activities:

Community Lunch (monthly)

Birthday Brunch (quarterly)

Outings: sugar shack, museum visits, plays/theatre

Educational trips

Information sessions with guest speakers

Volunteer Lunch

Pre-Mother’s Day Tea

Father’s Day Brunch

Valentine’s Day Brunch

International Women’s Day

International Seniors Day

Annual Picnic

Annual Variety Show

Annual Christmas Party