Computer Class:

Catering to beginners up to intermediate, subjects include computer use; how to use the mouse and keyboard, how to use and explore the internet, how to create an email account, send emails, send attachments, upload pictures, how to use social media, computer and internet safety, how to protect your information online, and word processing; how to create and format document documents. Also, familiarization with technology that shows seniors how to navigate and maximize usage of their cellphone, tablet, iPad, camera, kindle and assorted gadgets.

Classes are two hours long and offered weekly.

Although desktop computers and laptops are available, participants with laptops are encouraged to bring theirs.

Stimulation Group:

Members of this group meet at the Council on alternate Tuesdays to indulge in mentally stimulating games like scrabble, puzzles, trivia, and/or to watch and discuss a movie/documentary. On alternate Tuesdays they go bowling, to the cinema or engage with seniors from outside organizations.

 Nutrition Class:

Health is fundamental to quality of life, more so as we age. Food directly affects health. Small changes in eating habits can lower the risk for many of the diseases associated with aging. The adequacy of retirement income often forces the elderly to eat poorly, and that further compromises health.

Given the importance of nutrition (and exercise) to health and wellness, the program educates so members could make informed decisions regarding what they consume.

Painting/Art Class:

Arts & Crafts Class:

Studies show activities as diverse as music, dance, painting, handcraft, knitting, crochet, quilting, singing, writing poetry, writing and storytelling add meaning, joy and a vibrant sense of well-being in seniors.

Art/painting can inspire an aging body and mind. Besides being enjoyable, relaxing and fun, it exercises the fingers and arm.

Arts & Craft includes handcraft, Chinese embroidery, knitting, crochet, quilting, and needle point.


Conferences are a day dedicated to jam-packed info-laden information sessions that is open to the public. Conferences are designed to disseminate knowledge, support, inspire and enrich seniors so they can improve the quality of their life, make informed decision, dispel myths and stereotypes about aging and to sensitize older adults about aging.