Mama Soumahoro – Program Director

Mama is an Ivorian American and currently serves as the Program Coordinator for the Council for Black Aging Community of Montreal Inc. Holding a degree in Political Science from The University of Connecticut, she has a keen interest in working on policy issues that significantly impact the Black community. Mama has dedicated a portion of her young adulthood to working for community organizations and advocating for the needs of marginalized groups in the New Haven and Greater Montreal area. Passionate about the political system and its power to better the lives of its people, Mama continues to channel her enthusiasm and commitment into addressing policy issues that promote positive change and uplift communities.

Hannah Kizito – Administrative Assistant

Hannah Kizito is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Drama. With over 15 years of versatile administrative experience, she has demonstrated strong leadership and organizational skills in both non-governmental and consulting organizations. Committed and passionate about professionalism, she is dedicated to excellence. Beyond her administrative role, Hannah is a Fashion Designer on a mission to celebrate everyone, using her styling expertise to help individuals celebrate themselves. Additionally, she is a dancer, a lover of singing, and, above all, deeply devoted to her faith in Jesus.