Thursday, May 28, 2020

Dear Members!
As much as the weather is beautiful, summer is around the corner, business and the like are opening, please remember the Coronavirus is contagious.
We, the Board of Directors encourage you to diligently do all that is necessary to protect yourselves and others and to halt the spread of the virus. We encourage you to continue to do the things health officials encouraged us to do at the beginning of the pandemic:
*Wear a mask in public
*Practice social distancing
*Wash your hands frequently
*Don’t touch your face
*Avoid large groups
Be safe! Be kind and stay connected to your family, friends and those who need our support.

N Oji Mzilikazi
Board President

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Dear Members!
Isn’t it ironic that The Council offers programs and organizes cultural, social, educational and intergenerational activities to support and maintain quality of life; physical, mental, and emotional health, minimize loneliness and to prevent and/or break social isolation, and the Covid-19 pandemic imposes isolation, adding more stress to seniors already living alone and/or perhaps already isolated?
Given the current unprecedented situation and contagiousness of the coronavirus that has us apart yet in the same boat, the only tool in our arsenal to help lessen the stress, anxiety and isolation brought on by this pandemic is the telephone; keeping in contact with family, friends, acquaintances and members. Immediately post lockdown, The Council asked our Event Callers to join ranks
with our Good Morning/Welfare Check Callers to call members once a week
minimally. While visiting is out of the question for the volunteers in
communication with members that are Sick and Shut-in and/or their family, they too are making calls.
Callers were instructed to ask about general health, accessibility to food and
medications as well as to convey information and take reports—update and/or concerns shared to callers by members, and to forward them, and to encourage them to stay positive in these challenging times.
Although The Council has ten (10) volunteers committed to Good
Morning/Welfare Check calls, I humbly ask you not leave it up to them and to call fellow members as well.
Be Safe! The Board of Directors and staff are I am looking forward to seeing your face when all this blows over and The Council reopens.

N Oji Mzilikazi
Board President

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Dear Members!
Pursuant to government directives to non-essential businesses and services, the offices of The Council for Black Aging Community of Montreal Inc. will be closed for an indefinite period as of 3 p.m. today.
Thank you for your understanding.

N Oji Mzilikazi
President CBAC

Friday, March 13, 2020

Dear Members!

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY and until further notice, The Council for Black
Aging Community of Montreal Inc. is suspending all programs and events.  As a government funded organization, we must follow the rules laid out by the Provincial Government regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. We, as The Board of Directors have a civil duty to keep our members SAFE. On behalf of The Board of Directors and the Staff, stay safe! Thank you for your understanding. The office will remain open.
Elsie Weekes
Board Secretary